Van Waarde

Subject: A history of the Zuiderzee. Material archive: Zuiderzeemuseum, photos sent by individuals, photography, and text by Sara Blokland.

Content: Images of the sea, land, houses, interiors, people, and objects. Words describing objects, people, interiors, houses, land, and sea.

Concept: The role of images and text in documenting history. What do we keep, how, why, and where does it refer to? Transformations of history through images and words.

Photography as a perspective, memory, art, record, documentation, and archiving.

Concept : Sara Blokland
Image editing and photography: Sara Blokland
published by the Zuiderzeemuseum, Enkhuizen
Design: Noa Segal
production assistant: Annette Behrens
Lithography and Press / Rob Stolk
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ISBN 978-90-812747-1-5