Srefidensi en de vlag

Installation work location Amsterdam South East 24, 24-11-2016 to 20-05-2017

Srefidensi en de Vlag;  is a work in the public space by Sara Blokland and Jaya Pelupessy.

The raising of the Surinamese flag was the focus of our research. The work was an eight-meter-long wooden sign, on which new images  about the Surinamese  flag were constantly added during a period of five months, creating a literally layered image. We started with  a  photographic image of the statue of Wilhelmina in Suriname placed in 1923 , followed by 2 x a layer of photos and sketches of Surinamese flags .  The flags  replaced the statue in 1975 on the central square in Paramaribo Surinams capital city.