RESEARCH AND WRITINGS : MA THESIS Photography framing poverty

READ the complete MA THESIS here >>>>>  Photographic production as colonizing practice: the construction of the ‘non-Western subject in crisis’ analyzed through the film Episode III: Enjoy Poverty by Renzo Martens

In 2011, I obtained my MA in Film and Photographic Studies. My thesis delved into the photographic representation of poverty employed by NGOs today compared to the colonial photographic representation rooted in racial theories used by anthropologists in the 19th and early 20th centuries. I examined this dynamic of power and violence through the contemporary artwork “Enjoy Poverty” by the artist Renzo Martens.

PHOTOGRAPHY FRAMING POVERTY Master’s Thesis in Film and Photographic Studies Institute for Cultural Disciplines Faculty of Humanities Leiden University Amsterdam, August 15, 2011

Readers Mw. Dr. Helen Westgeest Mw. Prof. Dr. Kitty Zijlmans


image source:  photographer :unknown